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tv   Today  NBC  August 17, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> you can always get real time news, weather and traffic on the app. >> todd todd sh"today" show sta now. good morning. outpouring. ♪ let it shine let it shine let it shine ♪ >> thousands attend a candlelight vigil in charlts hours after the victim of the deadly car attack is honored by her mother at an emotional memorial service. >> if i've got to give her up, we're going to make it count. >> a call to action. others join the ceos, is corporate america joining the president. rolling over. no powerball winner. jackpot climbing to more than a half billion dollars. all that plus hbo hit by
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another hack attack. the hunt for the gang behind this heist. the video that will have you laughing until it hurts thursday august 17th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you along with us on a thursday morning and a lot to get to, including that powerful display of unity in the wake of that violence in virginia. overnight in charlottesville. complete coverage and we'll start in charlottesville this morning with nbc's gabe gutierrez who was there. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the vigil not widely publicized as to not attract unwanted attention from white nationalist groups. but word spread and the response was overwhelming to honor
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heather heyer. by candlelight they came on the university of virginia campus, a solemn vigil as charlottesville came to grips with last week's violence. a slow-moving mass of people gallering peacefully over ground that hundreds of torch carry white nationalists had taken just days ago. those who attended singing spiritual songs and sharing messages of healing and stren h strength. >> this the community, the community they attacked. the community rising up to show who we are. >> 26-year-old marcus martin was injured after pushing his fiancee out of harm's way when the dodge challenger plowed into counterprotesters. martin's sister said he suffered broken bones and is scheduled for surgery on friday. >> it's a healing process. it's going to take some time. >> reporter: earlier thursday a
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memorial for heather heyer, the woman killed in the car crash. >> it will be all right. >> reporter: her mother, susan bro with a tribute. >> tremendous tried to shut her up. guess what, you just magnified her. >> reporter: the grieving parent with a message of unity, equality. >> i want this to spread. i don't want this to die. this is just the beginning of heather's legacy. >> her words, a call to action. >> if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. and i want you to pay attention, find what's wrong. don't ignore it, don't look the other way. you make a point to look at it and say to your self, what can i do to take a difference. that's how you're doing to make my child's death worthwhile. >> reporter: heather's mother went on to say, quote, if i've got to give her up, make it count. a public memorial is now scheduled for the two state troopers that were killed over the weekend in a helicopter
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crash. also virginia's governor terry mcauliffe is urging local officials in the state to remove confederate monuments. back to you guys. >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you. president trump is dealing with fresh fallout over his controversial comments about the violence in virginia. this morning more lawmakers and business leaders are distancing themselves from the president. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has that part of the story. kristen, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. good morning to you. president trump defiant and unapologetic this morning taking aim at one of his republican critics tweeting this morning publicity seeking lindsey graham falsely stated i said there is moral equivalency between kkk, neo-nazis and white supremacists and people like heather heyer, such a disgusting lie. he can't forget his election trouncing. the people of south carolina will remember. but the backlash is growing this morning and could hit at the
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very heart of mr. trump's presidency. this morning from corporate board rooms to congress, president trump facing growing outrage over his response to the violence in charlottesville, following a flood of resignations from ceos on two white house business councils the president preemptively dissolving the groups rather than the members did tweeting rather than putting pressure on members of the council and strategy forum, i am ending both. eight business and labor leaders had already announced they were quitting the groups because of the president's controversial comments comparing white supremacists with counterprotesters. >> you have some very bad people in that group. but you also had that were very fine people on both sides. >> ceos writing intolerance, racism and violence have absolutely no place in this country. overnight apple ceo tim cook also weighing in an e-mail to employees he slammed the president's position and announced apple would donate $2 million to groups working to rid
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our country of hate. a stunning rebuke from mr. trump who touted his business expertise during the campaign. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. >> reporter: all this as the political drum beat against the president gets louder, many republicans distancing themselves. >> the president speaks for himself. >> both presidents bush releasing a rare joint statement saying america must also reject racial bigotry, anti-sim tichl and hatred in all forms. vice president mike pence on defense. >> the president has been clear on this tragedy and so have i. >> the attorney general speaking out against hate but not his boss. >> in no way can we accept, apologize for racism, bigotry, hatred, violence. >> meanwhile this morning new scrutiny of the president's inner circle. in an interview with the american prospect embattled top
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adviser steve bannon describing the white supremacists in charlottesville, "it's a fringe element. i think the media plays it up too much and we gotta help crush it, you know, help crush it more. these guys are a collection of clowns. bannon also discussed his plans to neutralize opponents including ptop officials to president trump who disagree saying those adversaries are there. >> an e-mail from a conspiracy theorist to conservative journalist. government officials and friends with the subject line, the information that value dates president trump on charlottesville. the e-mail equates confederate general robert e. lee and george washington and a little that black lives matter has been infiltrated by terrorists. no response yet to that from the white house or mr. doud.
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one more headline from the steve bannon interview, he had this to say about democrats. the democrats the longer they talk about identity politics i got them. i want them to to talk about it every day. if they are talking race, we go with this, we can crush them. >> kristen, thank you very much. chuck todd and stephanie ruhle here. thank you for being here. i want to start with stephanie. the president has been in politics very long. obviously a learning curve there. he likes to tout his success in business. when have you business leaders walking away from councils like this. when have you people like tim cook and jamie dimon rebuking and speaking out against him, in some ways might this send a stronger message to him than when politicians speak out. >> think about the irony jamie dimon, the financial industry, this was the most hated industry
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in america just a few years ago and now they are setting a bar in terms of moral leadership. this is a huge, embarrassing blow for president trump and jared and ivanka to led this council. >> are they setting a bar or grandstanding. have you to wonder down the road if and when president trump gets around to dealing with things like deregulation and tax reform, are these same people going to be right on board? >> they aren't afraid of president trump anymore. at this point he's said so much but done so little and he's so far away from the agenda. jamie dimon says walk away from him, strapped to make money deregulation, tax cuts but at some point enough is enough. not just this week. they had to deal with the travel ban, immigration policy, paris accords. they want to go back to work. they are tired of hearing about this. >> biggest fallout big business. what about the political fallout. did you expect it to be more?
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did you expect resignations? do you think there's more to come? >> i think it's possible there's more to come. if you're john kelly you're relieved you made it 24 hours without some high-profile resignation. there was some hints but none of that came to fruition. the republicans -- it's fascinating to watch republican leaders here. on the one hand they are very uncomfortable. on the other hand they are not sure -- if they speak out, they are not sure how the base is going to react to them. they are still making a political calculation with the president. wrong they are making a calculation that's beyond their own politics right now. that could change but right now that's where they shall. >> steve bannon has always been a part of this story kind of weaving in and out. now he seems to be waging war inside the west wing and now the press. where is is it headed? >> this interview with "the
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american prospect" it's hard to believe a former media executive doesn't know he's on the record. let's set that aside. he doesn't deny he was on the record but he said i didn't know he was going to quote me. the stuff he says about north korea saying the president is simply bluffing, that is going to really irritate the national security team. however, steve bannon is also speaking to the president. what he's saying on charlottesville and what he's saying on, hey, you've got them n now. you think this was a terrible moment for the presidency, i think this was a defining moment he says. i think it's an interesting dare to the president here. the national security folks want him out. national security adviser, secretary of state, they want him out, john kelly may want him out but does the president. does the president want to throw him overboard and risk alienation with his base. i think bannon is daring the showdown in this white house. >> he worries what bannon could do on the outside once he
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returns to the media. >> that's for sure. >> chuck and stephanie, thank you very much. much to talk about in the headlines including a desperate search under way for five crew members under way on an army helicopter that went down off the coast of hawaii. two black hawk crews training exercises tuesday night when visual and radio contact with one of the helicopters was suddenly lost. search and rescue crews found pieces of fuselage and helmet in debris field off the coast of oahu. the army notified families. show you dramatic video of a brazen jewelry heist wednesday in west london. you can see six robbers armed with sledgehammers exiting the jewelry store, jufrg on their mopeds and speeding away. they grabbed undisclosed amount as they looked on. >> good news and bad news for
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lottery. start with bad news. if you had a ticket, you didn't win the jacket. the good news is no one else did either. it's now skyrocketed to $510 million. the next drawing saturday night. buy it in 44 states plus washington, d.c., puerto rico and u.s. verge islands. a story that broke overnight, hbo fallen victim to another hack attack. the target its twitter account. kelly cobiella has the latest on this. what happened? >> reporter: first the massive hack last week, scripts, company data stolen, now another big cyber security headaches for hbo. hbo reeling from another heart attack -- hack attack. tape over. the hijacker hijacking hbo, hbo now, last week tonight with john oliver and "game of thrones."
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also compromised the "game of thrones" facebook page. in its post in our mind hbo asked to contact the group which was also responsible for high-profile hacks of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. hbo regapd accounts in 40 minutes and deleted the tweets which nbc news archived before they were taken down. hbo saying overnight only that we are investigating. it comes a week after hbo was hit by another attack where a different group calling themselves "mr. smith" demanded hbo pay them millions of dollars sending hbo's ceo a five-minute video set to ominous music from "game of thrones." the group also leaked what and to be confidential hbo documents, internal e-mails from a company executive, a plot summary for the next "game of thrones" episode. >> this is absolutely a very
7:15 am
terrifying issue for people in hollywood. >> in a statement hbo says a forensic review is ongoing. it's working with cyber security firms and law enforcement to resolve the incident and the company has no reason to believe their e-mail system as a whole has been compromised. an anonymous group, hard to verify whether that group was behind the latest attack. on top of all this the next "game of thrones" episode was accidentally released early in spain and norway this week and copied before hbo was able to take it down. matt and savannah, hbo says this is not at all related to that stolen material. >> all right, kelly. thank you very much. it's getting hard to follow all that. >> i know. got to start watching "game of thrones" apparently. >> did you watch baseball last night? >> i didn't. >> back to the video at the top of the show, ceremonial first pitch in boston didn't go as planned. jordan, a bone cancer survivor,
7:16 am
had the honor of throwing out the first pitch red sox game. but the pitch, a little bit outside. >> all right. that's a ball. >> probably thought he was working from a safe distance. everyone at fenway reacting. others with a few nervous laughs. le andrown he responded, yikes. to make matters worse, i'm a pitcher. as for the photographer, he's okay. he later tweeted, i'm the one who got hit, and i will never stop laughing at that video. >> wow. >> that is amazing. not exactly in the strike zone. >> well -- >> by the way, that makes this look like a perfect first pitch. >> exactly. nobody got hurt. >> exactly right. >> there you go. let's see what we have for you. talk about some strong storms.
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take a look, wichita, kansas, torrential rain, lightning strikes, power outages. we've got more severe weather going on today. in fact, right now there's a ground stop, dallas international airport. we're going to be watching that very closely as this system pushes to the east we've got a risk of strong storms today stretching from texas, also back up through the upper midwest. 10 million folks at risk. we're going to watch this system pushing to the east for today. strong storms through cleveland later this afternoon on into friday. the northeast probably going to be airport delays up and down i-95 corridor. wet weather for friends in texas, on into louisiana, parts of the midwest and into the southeast as this new front lingers right on into the weekend. rainfall amounts generally 1 to 2 inches from oklahoma. as you get through saturday in the northeast, it's going to be a little bit on the wet side. a little bit on the wet side. that's what's going on hi. oh, hi! welcome to the neighborhood. i brought you this pie to see if you're weird.
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>> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up, are you in the path of financial totality. on rossen reports, the shocking price hikes tied to the eclipse that are now popping up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. every year south jersey sends more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad. good thursday morning. let's check outside. looks like a beautiful morning. bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> a few spots of fog but most of the area looks like this. a few scattered clouds but mostly a sunny day. 61 degrees in the suburbs. 64 in the lehigh valley. 70 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit warmer, still in the 60s for shes nut hill and fox chase. >> let's check the roads with pamela osborn. >> we're going to start off on the schuylkill.
7:27 am
ar average speeds, but we're also watching a vehicle accident in west norrington, it's south trooper road and forge avenue. we're also keeping our eye on patco. be sure to check the times before you leave the door. they'll be there at least through the rest of the day. officers originally responded to protect the structure last night as protesters demanded that the statue comes down. a man accused of shooting a teen in the head faces a judge today. >> and eclipse excitement. tomorrow morning, people across our area are gearing up for the event in the sky. join us from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. "today" show continues in just a few minutes.
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7:30 now on this thursday morning. it's the 17th of august, 2017, inside of our control room mr. don nash at the helm. pop back in the studio. one day he'll say, no, no, let's stay. >> roll that beautiful don nash footage again. a look at the headlines. thousands of people gathered at university of virginia last night for a vigil against hate and violence. that's where the violent weekend rallies organized by white nationalists held. >> joint chief of staff says north korea is possible. also warning kim jong-un credible, viable military options, as he put it, are ready to deal with the regime.
7:31 am
the general's comments came overnight as he wrapped up a trip to china. a truckdriver somehow survived with minor injuries after this fiery crash in kansas. take a look, it hit a barrier wall, burst into flames. moments later a good samaritan rushed in to help the driver escape. that's astonishing that he walked away with minor injuries. >> meantime, despite the growing backlash, extremist groups planning more rallies like the one that ended in violence last weekend. so who is leading the movement and why are they gaining traction. gabe gutierrez has a closer look at that. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. again, experts who track these groups say they feel emboldened and are not going away. while we don't want to provide a platform for these fringe voices it's important to understand how they are. a warning, some of the language you're about to hear is disturbing. this morning a growing number of cities across the country are
7:32 am
bracing for far right rallies like this one in charlottesville, from boston to san francisco to lexington, kentucky, where white supremacists are fighting city officials who plan to vote tonight on a resolution to remove two confederate statues. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell say their message of hate and bigotry are not welcome in kentucky and should not be welcome anywhere in america. >> we will engage in peaceful demonstrations throughout american cities. >> self-proclaimed nationalist helped organize the rally and planning one in lexington. >> we're standing up for white folks who deserve a vote. >> richard spencer speaking on tv says it has grown since president trump's election. >> no doubt our movement is winning. >> they go by different names and ideologies. alt-right, white nationalist, neo-nazi but their ideas are repulsive to many and often inconsistent.
7:33 am
>> we'll kill these people if we have to. >> we've done everything in our power to keep this peaceful. >> another white nationalist posting a video after learning of a warrant for his arrest. on it an emotional man choked up. >> i'm terrified, i'm afraid you're going to kill me. i really am. >> a far different from this interview before the rally that went viral. >> i'm trying to make myself more capable of violence. i'm here to spread ideas, talk, in the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do that. somebody like donald trump who does not give his daughter to a jew. >> late last night i spoke to him by phone. >> how can you possibly defend that? >> i just don't think there's anything wrong with racism frankly. >> still he now says he's encouraging his followers to lay low after charlottesville. >> you want them to deescalate for how long? >> i don't know the answer to that question. but we have to regroup. right now things are too hot. it's looking bad for a lot of
7:34 am
things and we need to calm down. >> police say protester james fields killed a woman with his car. another white nationalist tells nbc jake sobirov that may temporarily hurt the cause. >> i think there's going to be a setback. eventually there will be more meetings and gatherings but that may be six months down the road. >> a southern poverty law center which tracks extremists says that california has more hate groups than any other state. guys. >> all right, gabe. thank you very much. >> al, can we talk about the path of totality, my favorite phrase. >> i love that phrase. >> me, too. i want a t-shirt. >> we need a "today" show path of totality t-shirt. we start in newport, 10:15 pacific time morning clouds, mainly clear in sun valley, casper wyoming looking partly cloudy skies.
7:35 am
kansas city 108. few showers carbondale, illinois, longer totality. east to nashville hot and humid, 1:27 central. partly cloudy greenville, exits continental, charlottesvill good morning. grab your sunglasses, a warm august day. 88 degrees in new jersey and into the very low 80s with a nice sea breeze blowing chls plenty of sunshine and a moderate risk of rip kurn today. 86 this afternoon an plenty of sunshine for delaware, just a slight chance of a late day shower. have a great day. so a lot of chance of showers along the path of
7:36 am
totality. what if they through an eclipse and no one could see it. >> that could be a problem. glasses, still you've got to wear them. even with clouds there could be a problem. >> wouldn't be totality awesome. >> no. >> you're going to kick me right off this set. an unexpected warning for the eclipse. i'm jeff rossen. i'm jeff rossen. coming up, cashing in on solar ♪ i'm jeff rossen. coming up, cashing in on solar ♪ ♪ ♪ find your child's class supply list at select "add all items" and ship them home.
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7:41 am
the eclipse path there's big money to be made. it's getting so crazy people are renting out their back yards. for example, this backyard in south carolina is for rent because hotels are sold out, families need a place to stay. can you rent this out for $320. they will even throw in this tent for two people. he hope you like the person you're traveling with. it's pretty cozy in there. if camping isn't your thing, plan to shell out a lot more money. this morning we're about to show you what people are charging. as the sky goes dark on monday, locals are lighting up. along the eclipse path raising prices on flights to rental cars to hotels. demand is high and they are allowed to do it. >> our hotel is a month and a half old. we sold out as soon as we opened inventory for that day. >> reporter: so at hotels that aren't sold out, prices are skyrocketing. in idaho, this room with a queen bed listed at $118 tonight. on sunday the same room listed
7:42 am
for $785. check out this room in greenville, south carolina. it's an embassy suites goes for $259 per night now. during the eclipse $799, more than three times the high. think that's high. in nashville my producer found an even bigger spike. >> i just checked into this marriott. the price right now $368. but for the eclipse it ski rockets to $978 a night. >> reporter: now try getting there. flights will cost you more, too. this delta flight from new york to nashville costing $211 on a regular sunday. but to get there this sunday ahead of the eclipse, it will cost you almost $1,000. once you arrive in a total eclipse zone it's rental car time. in jackson wyoming, this suv would cost $115 per day. but for the eclipse, that same
7:43 am
suv going for more than $1200 for the day. and it's not just businesses. even regular home owners are printing money, renting out their houses for big cash on airbnb. >> take a look at this house, nice house, not a mansion by any stretch. guess how much the home owners want during the eclipse. $950. these are the homeowners want a big bank account on this. that's a lot of money. why that high? >> greenville is a popular place. all the hotels booked up so we decided to give it a shot. >> also we didn't want to pack up our kids and do all that work for a little money. we thought go big, go home. >> what are you going to use the money for? >> we have dreams of a ten-year anniversary trip. >> this the anniversary fund. >> have you ever done this before? >> this our first time. >> they are actually showing restraint in hopkinsville, kentucky.
7:44 am
the people who live in this three bedroom two bathroom eclipse home are charging $1250 a night advertising private viewing areas. this townhouse in columbia, missouri, going for $1500 a night touting fantastic views of the eclipse. but remember, you are inviting strangers in your house. >> all right. good luck. >> thank you. >> hope no one trashs the plaes place. by the way, a lot of people asking me, is this price gouging? the answer is no. price gouging is illegal and that only happens during an emergency situation, tornado, hurricane. this is free market, capitalism. speaking of people are making money on special solar eclipse glasses. people buying them, a lot of retailers selling out, can't find them anymore. there's a woman in south carolina who bought these in bulk. it first started for a buck a
7:45 am
piece, now selling them to $8 apiece. >> all her friends. >> jeffrey, if i rent that tent in the backyard for $320, do i get to knock on their door and use the rest room the two times i wake up in the middle of the night. >> no, matt. for that we have woods right over here. >> and they are free. >> perfect. >> thank you, jeff. we've got you covered on monday. it is free to watch. right, al? you going to gouge us? >> all free down there in charleston. >> lester holt with live coverage during the day on most of these nbc stations. >> big day. just ahead an update on how tom cruise is doing after that movie stunt gone wrong. >> sheinelle. >> good morning. would you wear, checking out the new
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7:50 am
we are back at 7:49 with the jewelry that can actually kind of take over your social media. sheinelle is in the orange room for carson with more on this. >> good morning, can't wait to hear your thoughts. seems like you find a sea of people holding up phones recording experiences. now there's a camera designed to live stream your life events for you hands-free called front row. it's a hidden camera you wear like a necklace. with a simple push of a touchscreen, you can live stream video continuously for up to two hours sending the clip straight to youtube, instagram or facebook. here is the deal. look at this. just like this. social media users, you can imagine, they are weighing in. writes, how cool is this. jill is less thrilled. that is scary. you would not know who is filming you for what purpose.
7:51 am
juan says my life is not that interesting to watch. we asked online, would you wear a live streaming necklace? look at the results, 86% say no, 14% say no. for that 14%, front row is available for $399. guys. >> you can buy a cute necklace for $399 that doesn't invade people's privacy. >> not a good idea. >> i don't think so. >> sheinelle, thank you very much. coming up, do calorie counts on menus actually help you make healthier choices. we've got surprising new findings. the new deal that let's you go to the movies every day for $10 a month. what's the controversy? we at petsmart, we love all pets like this little guy, sam. he eats blue wilderness. it's protein-rich, grain-free and made with more meat to satisfy the wolf spirit that lives in every dog. right now, buy one select blue wilderness bag at petsmart
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7:56 am
coming up on 8:00 this thursday morning. let's get to bill henley, to talk about the day ahead with his most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> started off in the suburbs still school. 63 degrees. 73 degrees in philadelphia but up to 73 in delaware and will warm into the 80s. lots of sunshine this morning. this afternoon, middle to upper 80s today. showers will hold off for most neighborhoods until tomorrow. if you're heading out the door let's check the roads with pamela. >> we're starting off to on the schuylkill right around gulf mills. there was an accident here. they cleared that up quickly but there are slowdowns in the area that you want to be aware of. remember they were having trouble earlier this morning. there was some work equipment that derailed on the tracks and
7:57 am
they were going one by one. please take extra time if you're headed out this morning. the city's prek initiative, he wants to find out how much the soda tax is helping preschoolers. delaware county, the first residential students today. more than 200 students will move into orchard hall. this is video from the ground breaking construction on that campus this summer. and tomorrow starting at 4:00, how people are gearing up for the show in the sky. the parties that are happening on monday that are sure to be out of this world. join us weekday mornings for nbc news today from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. "today" show continues in just a couple of minutes. thanks for watching. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, peaceful and powerful. ♪ let it shine let it shine let it shine ♪ >> thousands gather for candlelight vigil on university of virginia campus as the woman killed by alleged neo-nazi communist was killed. >> they tried to kill her to shut her up. guess what, you just magnified her. >> plus food fight. fda weighs in on whether to post calorie counts at restaurants. the question remains, does it really work? >> 31 movies for $10. netflix for movie theaters shaking up the industry.
8:01 am
why the bold subscription service could be very good for consumers today thursday, august 17th, 2017. >> we're celebrating three things with this family, eight years of marriage, your 39th birthday and -- >> perfect attendance for two years in a row. >> 21st birthday today and you have a request. what is it? >> a selfie with savannah. >> five states traveled, four states driving, three rambunctious kids, two tired parents. >> and only one day. >> a good morning from close by. >> good morning, new york. >> what are you guys doing in new york city. >> forget the diamonds, i just wanted new york for our ten-year anniversary. >> tomorrow she'll want the diamonds. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." so good to have you along on a bright and beautiful thursday morning. >> get outside and say hi to those people in a little while.
8:02 am
let's start this half hour with news at 8:00. this morning president trump is denying he made unfair comparisons between the two sides that confronted each other in charlottesville, virginia, last weekend. but the firestorm he unleashed two days ago now has some. biggest names in business and politics speaking out. nbc white house correspondent hallie jackson is at trump tower. she's got the latest in all this. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, matt. the ceo rebellion is the sharpest against trump after he blamed both sides for the violence in charlottesville. that's where overnight hundreds of people gathered to send a message of their own. overnight prayer and healing in charlottesville during a candlelight vigil on university of virginia campus days after a white nationalist rally erupted into violence. those attending the vigil with messages of healing and strength.
8:03 am
>> they thought they could somehow defeat the values that made us want to tell the truth about race in our country, they were wrong. >> reporter: it comes one day after president trump watched a revolt and reaction to divisive comments. he dumped the couple before they announced dumping him tweeting, rather than putting pressure on business and strategy and policy forum, i am ending both. that came after more high-profile ceos decided themselves to disband according to sources familiar with the process. jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon writing to employees, "it is a leader's role in business or government to bring people together, not tear them apart." president trump, after spreading plame for what happened in charlottesville. >> i think there's plame on both sides. >> reporter: now facing more himself. >> he is not normal. what has happened is his reaction is not normal. it's not american. >> reporter: while never naming
8:04 am
president trump specifically, two former presidents, bush 41 and 43 released a rare joint statement saying, "america must always reject racial bigotry, anti-semitism and hatred in all forms." president trump's cabinet members like v.a. secretary speaking out not against their boss but against extremism. >> as a jewish-american, and for me in particular, i think learning history we know that staying silent on these issues is simply not acceptable. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions in miami. >> in no way can we accept, apologize for racism, bigotry, hatr hatred, violence. >> reporter: there's been no sprint to the spotlight to defend the president so far. the vice president prying some back-up. >> the president has been clear on this tragedy and so has i. >> reporter: with lawmakers still unable to avoid questions. like senator ted cruz in texas. >> the president speaks for
8:05 am
himself. >> reporter: and against this backdrop now, we are hearing from a controversial member of president trump's inner circle who doesn't often speak publicly. this morning steve bannon is out with two new interviews, including one in "the american prospect" where he says his opponents, including those inside the west wing who disagree with him on trade and economic policies are quote, wetting themselves. embattled interview from embattled adviser. >> hallie jackson in new york city this morning. thank you very much. controversy growing over newly released dash-cam video of a strip-search. she has filed a civil rights violation over what happened two years ago. she says she was pulled over in harris complaint, texas, for running a red light. a deputy said he smelled marijuana. she was handcuffed and a female officer removed her pants and conducted what she called a humiliating strip-search. they dropped charges against
8:06 am
sheriffs involved. she was charged with marijuana and resisting arrest but thought charges were dropped. want to show you dramatic river rescue caught on camera. it happened last weekend in alaska t daniel was making his first trip down in a kayak, tossed into a creek and eventually became stuck on a tree. other rescuers tried to rescue him when he was battling a raging current. at one point he went under and lost consciousness. another kayaker rescued him and pulled him to the shore. they performed cpr until he came to. he's got a broken room but otherwise okay. >> amazing to see that. hoda, boost time. >> take a look what happened when a toddler's best friend made a move for his favorite snack. a little boy in japan eating a cracker. his pet dog decided it looked
8:07 am
too good to resist. wait a minute. that's not a boost. all right. so he liquid up every last crumb and seemed to realize he went too far. >> now he's crying with him. >> and we all live happily ever after. >> not happily ever after yet. i still think there's problems here. although it's a cute dog. >> he's adorable, too. >> notice the dog, that one black eye is cute. >> much more ahead including this new fight over listing calorie counts on menus. does that really help? >> also ahead, $10 a month for a monthly movie pass at a theater near you. why the offer is too good to be true. >> then jenna cat and nat.
8:08 am
>> then jenna cat and nat. >> shop smarter when ♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley why do people put why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? no more questions for you! ouph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk without that annoying lactose. good, right? -mmm, yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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8:10 am
this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. you need the best equipment. for the best ride. the best fit. and the best night's sleep. the beautyrest black hybrid features advanced memory foams for individualized support and a conforming feel. you'll find it exclusively at mattress firm, home of the love your mattress guarantee. if you don't love your mattress, exchange it or get your money back within 120 days. the fight over calorie labeling on restaurant menus and how effective it is when it comes to your health. >> nbc morgan radford here with
8:11 am
that. are we going to be surprised by this? >> i think you will. it's actually a modern day food fight. the days of not knowing what's in your feed may be numbered. new york city the first in the country to require chain restaurants to post those calorie counts on the menu. with new regulations comes an extra side of controversy. a national debate fueled by a big apple food fight. chain restaurants now being forced to take orders of a different kind thanks to a new life requiring them to post calorie counts on their menus. new york city becoming the first in the nation to do so. starting this month, those who don't comply will be fined. not everyone has an appetite for change. while federal officials agree calorie counts are important for consumers, they say such regulations should come from the national level to ensure consistency. in a statement to nbc news, the food and drug administration says in part if hundreds of different municipalities set their own rules, it would lead
8:12 am
to added cost and confusion that would ultimately disadvantage consumers. >> i was surprised they have taken it upon themselves to take such an eager role in aligning industry which has fought the city in efforts to provide healthier food for our residents. >> reporter: the big question, does displaying calorie counts have an impact effect on weight loss. >> i don't see clients healthier because of it. i think they may be aware of what calories in different foods. i don't necessarily see it helping their weight or health. >> one study found they do work for those overweight or obese. when asked on twitter, more than 0% of those who responded to our "today" show survey said calorie counts on menus help them make better food choices. still, when it comes to new york city, some experts say the big apple may have bitten off more
8:13 am
than it can chew. >> we know now in 2017 the focus should not be on calories. core focus what we should be thinking about is whole real foods eaten in the right proportions and learning to listen it our bodies. >> the fda has already set a uniform national standard when it comes to posting nutritional values and those rules will go into effect next may. the question is will i affect you. >> like them? >> i do. some things seem healthy like banana bread, then 400 calories. >> you walk into starbucks and see calorie counts and you freak out on how much they are. >> it influences my decision. >> morgan, good story. thank you. time for what's trending today. today's trending brutally honest one. first look, national honesty index from the company honesty. thought provoking findings. first the basics. the most honest city, san diego
8:14 am
followed by atlanta and nashville. they found men were slightly mayor honest than women. red heads most honest followed by blondes and brunettes, the least honest. now we're going to get into the good stuff. one in three people said they preferred to cuddle their pet over their significant other. >> that is interesting. >> are you kidding? >> okay. i'll let you pass that one. you have one pass. 60% of people said a healthy relationship means being open with bathroom habits. >> no. i disagree. >> the door. >> talking about it? >> talking about it or let's say someone going to the bathroom, breeze in and breeze out. i think the opposite. >> 60%. >> 60% said they thought it was healthy. the key to a healthy relationship. >> you've crossed a line when the other person doesn't care. >> that's what i think. you close that door. three in five people fess up to
8:15 am
insta stocking. >> i wouldn't know how to do that. >> if you did you wouldn't nf no. >> if you did know you might do it. >> you would. >> i've done it. >> for sure. >> it's healthy. >> one more. turns out not everyone goes to the gym to work out. some admit it's their excuse to wear cute gym clothes or see a gym crush. >> that's a seinfeld episode. >> hoda. >> the gym crush. before. >> that's funny. sheinelle. pop start. shall we? >> obviously we're going to start with solar eclipse. hype with the crews. lined up musical performance fit for the occasion. it's absolutely perfect. do you want to hear it?
8:16 am
♪ i need you now tonight >> bonnie tyler, she'll be on board for "total eclipse of the heart." >> over and over. >> passengers will experience the '80s power ballad live between the 2:40 of the eclipse. her performance backed by dnc. >> cake by the ocean. >> that's going to be a party. >> yes. >> now to tom cruise. an update about his on set injury. the actor hurt himself performing a stunt. it's hard to watch. paramount pictures said in a statement he broke his ankle and production will go on hiatus during his recovery. he thanks fans for support and concern. finally editor and chief and renowned fashion icon. -- if you work for her. she has a secret code of approval for her staff. you want to see it?
8:17 am
she does this. she writes awok if she's reading your article. let's say you're my person. see this awok. >> she'll stick it on there and that means you did a good job. otherwise it could be, boring, no, keep trying. the staff never forget awok. >> awok. >> different from ewok. >> you would keep that if you worked for her. >> learn something every day. ready for daily click. we've all dropped phones in fear of the shattered screen. blake henderson had plenty to worry about when he dropped his phone out of a flying plane. >> what? >> 1,000 feet above bowling green, kentucky. he was trying to capture footage of another plane nearby and dropped it while filming and
8:18 am
ended up filming on entire free fall. out of control until landing right in someone's backyard. look at this, the phone laid there nearly 10 minutes recording the whole time. then it was eventually returned to the owner, get this, without a scratch. >> i was actually with you, one night i had -- it was dunkirk premier, and i dropped my phone on the escalator. my phone was shattered. this guy drops it out of a plane. >> that's incredible. >> the window was open. >> he was trying to show another plane going by. i don't have the answer to that question. >> a skydiving plane. >> luckily a weed wacker guy doesn't have that in his skull. netflix-like service to pay $10 a month to visit the theater every single day. >> seems like a good deal.
8:19 am
why isn't everybody happy. here is nbc's business correspondent jo ling kent. >> reporter: sounds like a fairy tale for movie fans. netflix transformed tv, it's doing the same for movies. >> netflix for movie theaters. >> a former netflix executive who started movie pass in 2011. it's an app that allows subscribers to see a new flick in theaters every day for one monthly fee. it used to cost as much as $50 a month. this week movie pass lowered that subscription to $10 meaning customers can now see up to 31 new movies a month for the price of a single ticket or less. >> our new price point at $9.95 gives them the incentive to go more often. in fact, our subscribers once they join go twice as often as they went before. >> movie pass says it works with 91% of theaters nationwide excluding imax.
8:20 am
it reimburses theaters for the full price of every ticket sold. but some film industry experts worry movie pass's business model doesn't add up. >> the idea that dropping prices is going to spur all this new movie going just doesn't make sense. people aren't basing their movie going decisionton price but rather quality of movies. >> some theaters are concerned, too. in a statement amc, the largest theater chain in america, say it may break up with movie pass over its $10 price point because it's unsustainable and only sets up consumers for ultimate disappointment down the road if or when the product can no longer be fulfilled. movie pass says it is profitable making money providing special services like vip access to concessions where it earns a cut of your spending. with box office sales at a 25-year low his app helps get people into seats. >> for consumers who grew up with netflix and tired of the a
8:21 am
la carte way you go to movies these days, this is a great option. >> reporter: putting some of the magic back in the movies, but with an ending to be continued. for today jo ling kent, los angeles. >> is this going to work? >> the nachos. >> you make good ones, they will go. >> okay. mr. roker. >> say that about the forecast. >> uh-oh, i could be in trouble. take a look at the tropics. gert moving away. we've got three areas of interest, investigation, we've got 91-l, 90% chance of becoming a tropical system. 92-l, 0%. this new wave off of africa. as we watch this first one, probably stayed in the south, not a problem. but we'll be watching the next two because they look like they could be affecting parts of the
8:22 am
u.s., or at least the coast. we'll see. right now muggy air ensconced in a good part of the country. feels like 97 in washington, 105 in columbia, new orleans, little rock, then friday the cold front drops down and cool things off to the north. in the southeast feels like 103 friday. in jacksonville. 97 in atlanta. by saturday that heat is still stuck from houston, new orleans, tallahassee, charleston, all the way into orlando. the rest of the country for today hot and dry out west. into the pacific northwest. strong storms firing up. big airport delays down in dallas along the front, wet weather making its way all the way up into the upper midwest. a nice day here in the northeast good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. grab your sunglasses, going to see a lot of sunshine today. a warm august day. 88 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia and into the 80s
8:23 am
with lots of sunshine for the suburbs and new jersey. at the shore, in the very low 80s with a nice sea breeze blowing. plenty of sunshine and a moderate rip current risk today. clouds are breaking in lehigh valley, warming to 86 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for delaware, a slight chance for a late day shower. have a great day. hey, don't forget. check out sirius channel 108 home of the hoda show. >> yeah, baby. >> don and madge. >> must listen. let's go to the orange room. sheinelle has a guest. >> i have a friend for you this morning. there he is. hi. hey, kuri. she was the star of the consumer electronics show. she was a star. can you talk to her. hi, kuri. see how she uses her eyes. she has facial recognition. you can say something to her. i love you. that means she loves me back.
8:24 am
she can navigate around the homes on her own. the biggest feature is a 1080p video camera. she can capture moments around your home you might miss. with the kuri app on the smartphone you can see what she sees in realtime. see, savannah, she can play with the kids and you can watch. >> i'll take it. >> watch this. she can also play music and podcast. kuri play pancake robot. ♪ ♪ >> there you go. you like it? it's a party in your living room. kuri retails for $799 and starts shipping this december. right, kuri? that means yes. >> r2-d2. >> like the jetsons. >> it's not quite rosie. >> say bye, kuri. >> ah. >> it's cute. >> my kids would love her. >> she can spy on you.
8:25 am
>> all right, sheinelle, thank you. coming up, jenna will share a few mom truths with the moms taking social media by storm. cat and nat. >> easy way to find surprising gear your kids will need to go back to school. first thursday morning a look at your local news and weathe
8:26 am
good morning. i am tracy davidson. let's check the weather outside with meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> beautiful start. nice morning. lots of sunshine. a few thin high clouds in easton. no sign of the fog we had yesterday. already 74 in philadelphia, 69 in trenton, 69 in allentown. 70s across delaware and south jersey, we warm into the 80s today. the coolest spot this morning was pocono mountains in the 50s, now barely in the low 60s. >> beautiful start to the weather. check the start on the roads. pamela osborne has that. how do they look? >> a little trouble on route 422. there's some construction going on outside of view of our camera.
8:27 am
slowing things down quite a bit in those lanes there and the shoulder. also monitoring an accident in limb rick. a vehicle accident on the underpass, something to look for as well. one thing, delaware memorial bridge construction is slowing down a bit. seeing reports of delays in the southbound lanes. >> thank you. philadelphia police remain on guard around the frank rizzo statue, will be there at least through the rest of the day. officers originally responded to protect the structure as protesters demanded that statue come down. from burlington county, important warning from southhampton police. if you use the atm at the 7-eleven on maple avenue, check your account. they found a skimming device. anyone that used it in the last month should closely check bank statements for suspicious charges. another update in 25 minutes. you can always stay updated with the free nbc10 app.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now 8:30 on thursday morning. it is the 17th day of august, 2017, and it's a really pretty summer day in new york city. >> it really is. would you guys like me to scour the crowd and find somebody special? >> yes, we would. >> the crowd is full of special people. there are so many. i think i see some twins. i see jake and emma. hi, guys. >> hi. >> i'm going to look at your checklist. "hamilton," "dear evan hansen," y'all get good tickets. your third check is to hug charlie. >> yeah. >> can you do that?
8:31 am
is it possible? >> i can do that. >> i got you. come on through. >> ask charlie for his paw. >> can i have your paw? >> then you should probably give charlie one of these. here you go. you want to give him one. >> my heart is melting. >> you can give him a hug if it's a gentle hug. >> go ahead. get in there. >> nothing better than that. >> great to meet you. >> thanks, guys, for coming to see you. >> those are the nicest two kids. thank you so much. >> so sweet. >> coming up, after dreams come true, we're going to have jenna take us behind the scenes with cat and nat, the two mothers take on motherhood made them viral stars.
8:32 am
>> if you have school shopping we've got the best guides for students of all age groups. >> fall fashion season. where will it be about layering jewelry, makeup, pull off the looks the right way. >> first a check of the weather. >> the simpsons. anyway, let's see what we have for you. your weekend outlook, friday, stormy and wet along the eastern seaboard. we're looking at hot, humid conditions around texas. nice and dry. the western third of the country. then on saturday the showers come to an end in the northeast but wet weather continues along southeastern atlantic coast, oppressive through texas. sunday -- sunday! -- sunny and warm in the northeast, great lakes, into the mid-atlantic states, wet weather through the gulf. western third of the u.s. looking awfully good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. grab your sunglasses, going to see a lot of sunshine today. a warm august day. 88 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia and into the 80s
8:33 am
with lots of sunshine for the suburbs and new jersey. at the shore, in the very low 80s with a nice sea breeze blowing. plenty of sunshine and a moderate rip current risk today. clouds are breaking in lehigh valley, warming to 86 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for delaware, a slight chance for a late day shower. have a great day. that is your latest weather. don't forget, you can get your weather any time you need it. you check out our friendsends ae weather channel on cable. whoa, got to watch out for that. we want to get everybody in. that's what's going on, now let's go back inside to everybody. that was close. >> i love that, al. thank you so much. all right. if you are a mom, chances are you have hearth of cat and nat. >> you probably love them. their car-pooling rants turned into viral sensations. jenna got to hang out with them. officially jealous. >> so much fun.
8:34 am
maybe cat, nat, and jenna. they have been best friends since they were teenagers. now their mom truths about everything from sleep to sex are striking take chord with parents. >> the dynamic duo cat and nat are taking social media by storm. >> i'm going to order a pizza because i don't give a -- >> stories, facebook live and popular mom truths on youtube. >> why are we so tired. >> are relatable and entertaining. >> it's not my fault i don't wear deodorant every day. i can barely wear my own clothes. >> there's this notion parents are supposed to be perfect and calm and you have tiny children yelling and screaming and rattling your brain. you're supposed to make this amazing seven course meal they are all going to eat with quinoa and kale.
8:35 am
>> you're allowed to complain about your kids and you still love them and still a good mom. >> with seven children between them these hilarious moms take best friend co-parenting to a new level. >> my name is taylor and my mom is nat. >> my name is olivia and my mom's name is cat. >> my mom's nature is nat. >> my mom is cat. >> natalie. >> this is t.j. >> who are you? >> chloe. >> cat and nat have their finger on the pulse of motherhood. they say what we're all thinking. >> mommy needs a drink because daddy wears invisible earplugs in the middle of the night. >> we all know the hot dad at school. we talk about him. >> their straight talk has drawn over a million fans. >> okay, guys. we're here and live. it's an exciting day. >> so i figured i'd join their facebook live show streamed out of their home. >> first of all, we need 7,000 hearts. i mean, this isn't just cat and nat, i don't know -- >> what's the new name, cat and nat and jenna.
8:36 am
in parenthesis, and jenna. >> you guys have bloody marys, a thick tomato juice. we have one made with juice and vodka. >> it's good, like a soup. >> we were going to tell you, a spicy one. >> no, this thing is so spicy. >> why didn't you tell me. >> she's never coming back. >> this is their studio where cat and nat's show took off. >> how did something like this even happen. >> the two of us would get in this car and start ranting about our days as motherhood like you do when you're in a car with your girlfriend. >> yes. >> all of a sudden we're like let's put this on video. i think people can relate. >> every single job we attempt to do gets literally sabotaged five times over. >> my kids have watched a lot more tv and they are okay. >> when he asks why the house
8:37 am
isn't going to clean, i'm going to ask him why we're not rich because he was at work all day. >> two stay at home moms, now jenna bush is in our car. >> of course i wanted in on a mom truth session. >> back to school when they have a summer off is like a mom new year. you actually make resolutions that you're going to do. like you are going to meal plan the whole week. >> you're doing that, aren't you? >> that's very true. it starts off with a bang. >> you know what, i'm going to volunteer in the classroom. i'm going to do science in the classroom. i might be the class parent. i'll get more involved this year. >> don't you plan these great elaborate snacks. >> in the frig ready to go. >> what will i bring the class, i'll make pumpkins out of clementines. you know what you end up bringing by november? chips. >> whatever is on sale.
8:38 am
>> smart food popcorn. >> we really want to. that's all that matters. you've got to find your strength and our strength is getting dressed and fed prchlt diy. >> we're funny. >> how cute are they? love them. >> i had an absolute blast, if you couldn't tell. i didn't talk -- i lost my voice for a couple of days. but they are so much fun and i loved them. you can see more of cat and nat's videos on our website, don't forget friday is mom truth friday. >> how clubbing prepared you for motherhood i highly recommend. it's hilarious. >> i like it. makes us all feel better about the mom guilt. >> up next, back to school gear but not the hassle. it we've got new ways this year. first the bottom of al's laughter and thi s
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
all right. this morning on back to school today, we have must gear and supply, must have gear from tots to teens. we've got a great checklist for you. lori, style director from good housekeeping magazine. good to see you. >> good morning. nice to see you as well. >> you've got great products. before we get to the products, you want to talk about great ways to shop for all kinds of products. >> that's right. americans will spend about $83 billion on back to school gear this year, so why not do it smartly. we're going to start here. this is from box. you know about those clubs where you can get wholesale and buy things in bulk. it's that buy once save later mentality. this is from box. what they do, there's an app. there's no membership fee. so you're really saving a ton of money. you don't need to pay a membership to get the savings. go on the website. they have everything from school supplies you can see here to
8:42 am
snacks. >> you sit at home, you do shopping, it gets delivered. >> delivered. over $49, free shipping. brilliant and easy. >> speaking of brilliant. i thought this was fascinating. you basically send your child's company the age, gender, and what they like in terms of style. >> exactly kidbox and it arrives at the door for you. >> they make the selection for you. >> my kid is sport, this is what he likes, the color he likes and it magically arrives. it's a styling service. >> if you don't like it send it back. >> average price is around $14. >> that is awesome. >> now let's get to the really cute kids here. we have charlie. hi, charlie. can you turn around and show uncle matt your backpack. >> charlie is that this one you have on? it's beautiful. >> for little kids like this, you want to make it really cost
8:43 am
effective because there's a lot of wear and tear. this one from for $18.99. >> the same as that. >> on the picture over there. >> really fun. thank you, charlie. then as we move up to the elementary age, you want to have some more fun, but you also want to make sure backpacks are durable. sam, if you'll turn around and show everybody your cool backpack. this is from lego. kids will love it for the detail here and parents will love it because it's ecofriendly. each one made from eight recycled water bottles. >> for the record charlie is showing us her backpack. >> charlie gets an a plus. >> thank you, charlie, thank you, sam. appreciate it. next age group. >> this still in this elementary age group. >> these are lunch boxes and water bottles. >> everything on this table, matt, has a socially conscious message. these are from cheeky kids. lunch boxes are great, durable,
8:44 am
leak proof. every time they pie one, they donate to no child hungry. this is at target. all their school supplies super affordable, $2. one for me, one for you, classroom gets something they need. >> hello, young man. what's your name? >> kyle. >> nice to see you. >> he's got the good housekeeping seal, matt. these are from land's end. what we're seeing, instead of names for the age, we're doing a monogram as a security measure. >> a lot of people smart about that. thanks, kyle. >> we love these water bottles from life water because they have a filtration system so it keeps things bacteria-free. really great. also socially conscious. >> cool binders. >> these are fun from avery. kids can print out emojis, not having an easy time. they are $5, a lot of fun. that's the whole point to have a lot of fun at school. >> how are you? >> characters, cool, modern.
8:45 am
>> look at jordan, she's a grown-up, sophisticated. these are from herschel. kids love these backpacks. these colors, modern. right quick, matt, on we have wave rocket books. you write in the rocket book and it is in the cloud, eras in microwave. the world's signalest, most contact does it all printer from hp under $70. >> who is better than lori. thanks to all our models. check outed up next our style squad with a lesson in layering but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
. all right. back now with our savile squad
8:48 am
edit. we're getting a jump-start on what we call layering. everything from jewelry to clothes to makeup. let's kick things off with jill martin. what do you have? >> we start with jewelry. >> did someone call in sick here? >> which is really your thing. >> let's start with mixed metals. everyone is how do i layer, what do i put with what. '60s and '70s. white gold with white gold, rose gold with rose gold. now the cool thing is go for it. mix white gold, yellow gold. you see savannah's wrist here on her instagram. look how she's layering up here, doing it right. hoda does it. the way to do it, just keep it to scale. it's most complimentary. dainty with dainty and costume with costume. >> costume jewelry. >> so with this, also to scale. when you put it on, everything should be about the same size.
8:49 am
that's how you do it. with this, pick a bouquet of flowers like going into a flower shop and pick the colors you like together. again, this is about scale. thigh jewel, lisa lurch, blake lively, see here how she layered it up, also heidi klum shows it off. >> men. >> you have a little bit of an arm party going. >> two little things. >> can we show you a little arm party. it's an arm party but i feel like they need a new friends. >> like an arm soiree. >> layer these up, prelayered. >> there you go. >> like that. then i feel like you need a few more friends. >> i think that's a little much. >> okay. >> you could really go for it. with a men, with white t-shirts and jeans on a saturday night, $30, prelayered for you. >> i already have this on my ankle, so it's the same thing. >> i love your fashion segments,
8:50 am
they are so good. >> lilliana vazquez is going to cover layering clothes, good morning. >> good morning. this is every stylists trick to adding dimension but adding to pieces you have that you already love. let's start with kimberly, classic chic outfit black and white. instead of a button down that ends at her hips, this long maxi layered under crop top from hmo. wear crop tops, show off your waist. >> you probably have a lot of these in your close preft for the fall, the key is to layer two skirts. if you notice this beautiful skirt from topshop. underneath pleated mini skirt to add detail and movement. >> how do you make sure it's not bulky. >> that's a good, mix contrast. this outer is stiff, this is flowy, you don't want to layer the same fabric. the good thing, a lot of
8:51 am
companies doing prelayers for you. topshop has foolproof layering right out of the closet. >> thank you very much. let's go to hoda. >> last but not least layering makeup, our girl bobbie thomas is here. usually in the morning trying to figure out what's going on first, serum, moisturizer, what's the rule of thin. >> do from thin to thick. thin is like a watery serum, lotions and heavy cream. when it comes to makeup, you want to start with primer, which most people know because it says primer. foundation and concealer is sort of a snafu. it's foundation first, then concealer because you're going to wipe it away if you're rubbing this in. then powder and setting spray. we have a great chart to remind you online. >> got it. let's mav to eyes and cheeks. eyes first. >> when it doss eyes, good thumb, light to dark. what you'll want to do is really take a light powder to be the base, then dip into a dark to get into your contour and blend
8:52 am
it out, then your eyeliner. >> so the eyeliner goes on last. >> if you have a gel, set the gel with powder after. >> boom. >> when it comes to your cheeks, one plush color. honestly, she's helping with her gorgeous face. it's better to do two. underneath bronzer and contour. >> that goes first. >> color on the apples of your cheeks. the one-two punch likes three dimensional. >> that's the bones. >> quickly with the lips. >> last but not list, a big gloss layering trend. when it comes to lips, urban decay, look for lip toppers. use your regular lip color and then get a fuller about. >> we love you so much. thanks to the entire squad. we have more on more in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
anticipation for the solar is growing and so are our appetites. it's not the 10:00 hour yet. companies across the country are unveiling limited edition treats. >> krispy kreme doughnut a dark twist. it's topped off with chocolate glaze. >> did you start drinking before the segment? >> for the first time ever we
8:55 am
get an exclusive first taste. >> it's good. >> so other treats. you like it? some other treats in the path of totality, cookies from tostados bakery. those are here. oregon, s'mores, solar swirl ice cream. vanilla, caramel swirls, marshmallow and fudge. >> you want to quench your thirst, darkest hour black cherry soda from excel bottling in illinois. beer from missouri. a blackout blend wind from vineyard in idaho. in fact, hoda is about to black out. >> didn't send it, it just landed. >> it's protein. don't forget, we have complete protein of the eclipse monday morning on "today." >> look at this."
8:56 am
>> did you get it? >> what's coming up next, guys. >> we've got elie talking about being the unbreakable person. >> fast five ingredient coming up on 9:00. good morning, i am tracy davidson. a terrific day outside. let's get your forecast with first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful one. lots of sunshine. the temperatures are warming up. it's already up to 76 degrees in philadelphia and delaware, too. look at the sunshine. beautiful shot. warm up to 84 by 1:00. a fast warmup into the 80s this afternoon, even at the shore
8:57 am
where skies are mostly sunny. >> let's see how fast traffic is moving with nbc10 first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne. >> things are looking better on 95. this is our camera at gerard. there was a stalled out vehicle in the far right southbound lanes slowing things down quite a bit. you can see traffic moving smoothly now, which is a good thing. we are also watching a vehicle accident in north wales, prospect avenue and south 8th street. be careful if headed that way. we're two days from the nbc10 telemundo clear the shelters campaign drive. they have more than 100 animals ready to be adopted this saturday. all of them are up to date on shots, spade and neutered. we need your help this weekend. nearly 50 shelters and rescue groups wave adoption fees on saturday. it is so easy. go to you'll see a complete list of everyone who is participating. the 56th annual philadelphia
8:58 am
folk festival begins today. it is in montgomery county. dozens of musicians and bands will take the stage. i am tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes. stay updated while on the go with news, weather, with the nbc10 app, free download. "today" show continues in a couple of minutes. thanks for watching. have a great day. unbelievable ellie kemper.
8:59 am
9:00 am
the device people are wearing that could be recording your every move. no time for dinner? fast five ingredient meals ready five minutes coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc "today," this is today's take from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, it's thursday morning august 17th, 2017. she has been on our program, miss starling. >> it is good. >> i heard you had a wonderful -- hi, y'all. good morning, guys, i missed
9:01 am
y'all. >> you missed us? >> i missed you so much when i saw this picture on a double-date with debra, who happens to be one of my favorite people, i thought to myself, what would it be like to be at that table? >> it wasn't exactly a double-date. my son was there. >> he was the chaperone. >> that's right. and this started yesterday. sheinelle had been going on about this couscous from cbs. we even put it to the test. we as in keir simmons. >> i've never received such a huge response to anything i've done on the "today" show. we can talk about world peace and i get two responses. we talk about the best on the planet, couscous from frozen foods and explodes. i brought it for al to try, keir simmons to try it.
9:02 am
you refused. >> started a hashtag battle. 69 wanted notice try it. 31% didn't. >> what did keir simmons say. >> he tried it. he didn't love it but i don't think he loved couscous in general. >> he hated it, said it was awful. >> hate. >> he didn't say hate, he said it was awful. >> did he? >> based off of this, i've been traveling, i'm a little confused. based on this cvs couscous, you decided to throw a couscous party. >> no, i decided i'm going to make this and bring it in, which i've done. >> thank you. >> i was going make scallops, i know sheinelle and her husband are without children, fairly close. you live downtown. she lives fairly close. >> scallops are my favorite. marti martinis. >> it was quite delightful.
9:03 am
>> we went to town, had a nice time in the backyard. i just brought couscous. >> you know what, it's like not being invited to the dinner party and getting leftovers the day of a. >> if you don't want those, i'm sure zack will take them. >> here is the thing. did you make this before? >> i did not make it before. >> my recipe that black beans -- >> when i invite people over, i at least make one thing i've never made before just for pressure. >> what? >> that's good. >> so i thought this was invite us over for dinner because you thought we were nice people. this man had his phone ready and he was ready for me to take take bite of couscous and he actually captured it. >> okay. is it possible this could be better than cvs pharmacy? i'm not sure. you put beans in it.
9:04 am
it's pretty good. if this was in a package in the refrigerated section i'd buy it. >> not only that, she went in for seconds. >> i was trying to do it when al looked away. trying to get more. >> my husband was so happy because i haven't cooked since august 5th. >> since the kids left. >> since the kids left. so he's hungry. >> i haven't cooked since last august 5th. my poor husband is like cereal again? >> you said you were going to have cereal. >> frosted flakes, whole milk. >> i had gone to the farmers market and i had extra strawberries and blueberries. i had never made a strawberry shortcake before. >> can i just come and shadow you. >> it was like fine dining. >> can i shadow you a little bit how to be a domestic goddess. >> i'm going to make somebody a lovely wife. >> you are incredible al roker. >> seriously. >> i've been on this avocado
9:05 am
kick. >> learn how to be better by al. >> i know how to cook, that's all. >> the fact that you are a good enough chef to cook something without trying it first. i love how i'm talking to you and i won't hear you, have you ever invited somebody over and cooked for them and not tried to cook it first. no way. >> what's the worst that could happen. >> you have to go out for takeout. that happened to me before. i burned some chicken. i was new in my marriage. i had my in-laws in. this is when we lived in baltimore. it wasn't as easy as new york. i had to go down the street, order a meal in the bar, place it on the plate and act as if i cooked it. >> did you fess up you didn't cook it. >> no, not even to henry. >> does he watch? >> no. >> okay. #foodconfessions. what have you done when you were cooking that you didn't want anybody to know about.
9:06 am
>> you know what else i did? i chopped off my phone cooking sweet potatoes. >> it grew back. >> i had to wear a cast that morning for school. i had to go to the emergency room. henry had to braid my hair. i taught and my kids made me a feel better sign. by the way, share your confession. it feels good to get it off the soul. >> when they express themselves, it's not like you respond. 0% of america wanted you to try couscous. i tried to get more for jenna, it's sold out. >> you have the oprah effect. >> it's so good. >> a teachable moment. >> what's a teachable moment. >> for your children. you do not succumb to peer pressure. >> what about always at least try it. >> i always try something, but nothing i'm going to die for. >> succumbing to peer pressure. >> because again, again, i just
9:07 am
have a rule. it's not a guideline, it's a rule. i don't buy food where sick people are going into. >> that is ridiculous. >> can we talk about something? let's move on. i sort of feel like the day after middle school slumber party i wasn't invited to. >> stop it, jenna. >> when she said that before, then sheinelle is before, what about you and savannah, you guys go to parties and work out. >> uh-oh, suddenly the band-aid has been ripped off. anyway, bring them on in, gerald. >> this is epic. >> thank you, guys. >> what is this? it's an eclipse doughnut. >> eclipse doughnut. >> krispy kreme has a new doughnut, their special chocolate doughnuts. >> it's glazed -- it's a regular doughnut but glazed in chocolate. >> we're trying to stay away from the krispy kreme. >> it's impossible. look at the plates. it's really good.
9:08 am
my taste anymore, i tell you it's really good, i don't know if you believe me. >> it's really good. again, not sold in a drugstore. >> these are in stores on monday, just for the eclipse. >> we've got a video for you this morning. >> we do. >> interview with bloomberg, your dad and president bill clinton talked about their greatest accomplishments. let's take a look. >> this is a surprise. >> my daughters love me. as bill will tell you, it's a challenge to have teenager daughters when you're the president. it's a challenge any time to have teenager daughters. thanks to laura's guidance and love, our little girls, our family unit strengthened. i think that's a great accomplishment. >> that's what he said his greatest accomplishment was, i never got arrested. only once. that was so cute. surprising. that makes up for not being
9:09 am
invited. at least he loves me. >> that's really sweet. you are a really sweet person. i can only imagine you with your fun loving personality, i bet you were so good for him, just to have a daughter -- you're twins, obviously daughters, but someone like you, i can only imagine how healing that was for you. you're a fun person. >> i don't know why i'm crying. >> seeing your dad saying something like that. >> don't tell tammy. >> have another doughnut. you are loved. that's good stuff. you know what's so funny, somebody tweeted this morning, all these eclipse glasses, they have been the same glasses for so many years but you can create a necklace where you can live stream forever. what's he talk about? there's this necklace, we talked about it in the orange room this morning, you wear it around your neck, wear the necklace and has the ability to live stream up to two hours. then it immediately goes on youtube, twitter, facebook or
9:10 am
wherever. >> i don't like that. >> that's ridiculous. >> i don't like that at all. >> nobody in the studio. >> no. >> nobody. >> this is why. you go to a concert and people always hold up their phones and dancing. they are saying put the phone down and live in the moment. >> somebody walking around in their life. >> it's a security issue. >> i don't like it. >> i'm 4'11", what am i shooting. the necklace is here. >> i know what you're shooting and it's inappropriate. >> on that note, did you want to know how fresh that bag of bread you bought really is. the secret in the twist ties. don't loaf around, grab women are amazing. our bodies grow babies... ...we run marathons... ...companies... ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds... ...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants...
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♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. (baby♪ aughs)
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9:14 am
okay. so we're back with more of today's take. information, it's the best thing since sliced bread. >> i get it. >> we're about to teach something. have you ever noticed your bread loaf has twist ties with different colors. according to taste table twist ties indicate which day of the week they were blaaked on. >> blue for monday, green for tuesday, thursday marked by red. if it's yellow it means -- white was friday. if it was yellow it means it was baked on saturday. this was baked on saturday. >> it's supposed to be -- the expiration date is august 17th. the only thing we're saying, this is green, we know what day it was on but it could have been a day in may. it doesn't matter. see what i'm saying. >> i get that. sometimes you go to the grocery store and you see a guy taking
9:15 am
older ones off and putting new ones on, they can look for the color. >> it's for them. >> for the stocking. >> i'm sure your dad has thrown out a first pitch or two. >> yes. i remember yours. yours was epic. >> epic if you meant by epic meaning terrible, yes. >> there it is. >> we did see one earlier. >> beats it. >> yeah. >> jordan leondre. he deserves to do this. cancer survivor got the honor of throwing out red sox pitch. with one pitch he got two balls and a strike. take a look. >> all right. jordan, fire it in there. >> okay. >> oh, no. >> just a little bit outside. >> bull's eye.
9:16 am
>> don't worry the photographer is okay. he tweeted, i'm the one that got hit and i will never stop laughing at that video, which makes me feel better because i can't stop laughing at that video. he dictated, i'm the one that got hit. i can't stop laughing at it. >> then he turned did into elmo. >> it's cause -- >> yeah. >> weather? >> everybody run to good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. grab your sunglasses, going to see a lot of sunshine today. a warm august day. 88 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia and into the 80s with lots of sunshine for the suburbs and new jersey. at the shore, in the very low 80s with a nice sea breeze blowing. plenty of sunshine and a moderate rip current risk today. clouds are breaking in lehigh valley, warming to 86 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for delaware, a slight chance for a late day shower. have a great day.
9:17 am
that is your latest weather. up next, meat meat and potatoes for dinner with five ingredients. it will be on your table oh hey! it's me mom, catching some side eye. first rule of motherhood. someone's always judging. breastfeeding, didn't work out. guess what? world's still turning. yeah, i bribe my kids. how else you think stuff get done around here? mom's special juice, it's wine. now if you think that's shocking, check this out. new yoplait mix-ins, with salted caramel pretzel. watch out now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ heri think i might burst..... totally immersed weekenders.
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and there's no. sugar. added. cranberry pineapple 100% juice. the next big thing to hit the juice aisle.
9:21 am
this morning on "today," foodfest five go aheadient dinners. you don't want to be inside cooking all day. editor-in-chief cooking light, an easy recipe for us. good to see you. >> you, too, al. thanks for having me. >> hanger steak. >> super simple thursday night dinner. five ingredients. ch . >> you've got the other stuff. >> we don't count salt and pepper and vinegar as an ingredient, so we've got our other five ingredients here. you want to get started? >> you bet. >> first order of business slice up squash. really simple, make rings. go on the grill. >> any squash you want. >> any squash. whatever vegetables you like, it's summer they are at the market. zucchini, broccoli.
9:22 am
cut up potatoes in wedges. >> okay. >> remember back in the day when we would microwave baked potatoes. >> sure. >> we're going to do a shortcut and microwave. that's going in for six minutes. >> if you wanted to, could you par boil them. >> you can par boil them but this is going to steam them and make them easier to cook. we've got these preprepared. we're going to get a little bit of olive oil here. here is our trick. this is going to shortcut dinner here. we've got our plastic wrap. we're going to vent it. these go in the microwave for six minutes. >> you have to vent it. >> what's really cool about this, can you do it with beats, other root vegetables, carrots. we've got par cooked potatoes, went in for six minutes here. a little more olive oil, salt and pepper. because it's just five ingredients, is important to season every ingredient as you go. that's the way you build your
9:23 am
flavor. these go right on the grate here. >> if you've got a charcoal grill, you get one of those pans. >> you can do it in cast iron skillet, also outside. >> olive oil, salt, pepper. these will cook pretty quickly. >> exactly. potatoes and squash, three minutes a side. >> really good. >> really good. it tastes like more than five ingredien ingredients. >> you're going with beef tenderloin, could you use another cut of beef you wanted. >> whatever cut in the frig. bone in rib-eye. 2" cut, that's mine, too. that will take longer. can you use chicken or shrimp because the sauce will go with everything. >> fantastic. >> a couple of keys to the perfect steak. one, you've got to season it well. so difference between a home cook and restaurant chef is the amount of salt they use.
9:24 am
all right. you want to use more salt than you think necessary and you've got to season up high. the reason why we season up high, you get better coverage of the steak. when you season low you get pockets of salt. more salt than you think you need. >> both sides. >> both sides. >> second key, a hot dpril grate. so the key here to build flavor is to get that sizzle. you want to hear that sear. the sear equals flavor. >> while that's cooking you want to get the sauce. >> chimichurri. >> cilantro chopped up, super fresh, olive oil. >> we're studying it. >> i love it. >> more salt and pepper. remember, we're seasoning everything. buzz that up. >> buzz it up, ends up all nice and pureed.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good thursday morning. i am tracy davidson. 9:26 now. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. looks like a beauty of a morning. >> it is a beautiful day. humidity is not too bad, it is not all that high today, but this evening it will be ramping up. right now, we are watching temperatures warm up. 78 degrees in wildwood. near 80 or 81 at the shore. warmer inland for most areas, into the 80s, near 80 this afternoon into the pocono mountains. what we won't see during the day is humidity ramp up that much. that happens this evening. gets steamy during the eagles game. let's see what we are seeing on the roads with pamela
9:27 am
osborne. >> tracy, we start off in new jersey. i-295 north, there's an accident there. don't have a camera. we're going to show you what's happening approaching that accident. this is right at the merge point. we see slow downs this morning that are taking place as a result of that accident. also want to give you a check of mass transit. you can see everything running on time except for accept at that. ten minute delays on the doylestown line. police remain around the statue of former mayor frank rizzo in center city and will be there the rest of the day, we are told. protesters gathered saying it is a symbol of racism and should be taken down. no one won the top prize in last night's powerball drawing, the jackpot has grown to $510 million. you might be in line for a smaller prize. the numbers are 9, 15, 43, 60, 64. powerball is 4. next drawing is saturday night. i am tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes. you can stay updated with the
9:28 am
latest news and weather with the free nbc10 app. "today" show continues next.
9:29 am
9:30 am
charming and chipper and one of our favorites around here ellie kemper. she first captured our attention in 2009 playing sometimes clueless receptionist on the hit nbc show "the office." >> for the past three seasons another hit on her hands, emmy nominated star of emmy nominated comedy "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> come on, kimmy, you know it's okay to step on cracks. just because something rhymes doesn't mean it's true. silly. thinking every van i see is going to kidnap me. >> get in the van. >> never. it is clobbering time.
9:31 am
>> miss schmidt, fbi. we need your help. >> oh, christmas. i am so sorry. >> how did i get those guns? i don't know. >> how did you get those moves? >> do you do some sort of tae kwon do. >> i "dilly-dally on the side. no, i have an older brother. >> this show brings so many smiles to people. >> that's nice of you. i think what's nice about the show, it's sincerely optimistic. >> which we need now. >> we do. >> can't be emphasized enough. >> i think it's not cynical. it's very sincere in its outlook on life. >> congratulations on the emmy nomination. it's huge. >> thank you very much. >> nominated for best lead actor in a comedy series. do you have your outfit picked out? >> not yet. it always feels like an unnecessarily last event.
9:32 am
>> like cramming for a test. >> like let's make it more exciting by waiting until the week before. that seems to be the case. >> when you found out, what was that like? >> i had trouble finding out. my internet was streaming correctly, so i was texting with my manager, i think, to like give me the news. but it was very exciting. i'm so honored to be, of course, for the show to be recognized in so many ways. titus is nominated. it's very -- >> your sister is nominated. will you be dates? >> perhaps. my sister is a writer on silicon valley. look at that gorgeous girl. >> geez. >> guys, she's married. >> a writer on silicon valley, the show on hbo. their show is nominated and we will be going together. >> that's pretty cool. >> what did your parents feed you? this is amazing. >> i know. >> i see like dream team sib lip -- siblings, how do you do that? >> as parents, i don't know. how do you do anything.
9:33 am
>> comparing, were you ever compared. >> they are who they are. >> you encourage their natural -- >> what i find fascinating you can take the most odd conversations and make it funny. for example, the conversation with a sock puppet you had on one of your episodes. >> steal candy bars, throw urine at al roker. >> you are one bad mitten. >> why do we have to throw urine at him. >> no, no, no. >> you didn't. >> no, we did not. as you can see, i was arguing against that. no one should throw urine at al roker. >> thank you. >> where did that come from. who is writing and go, wait, i know -- >> i did not write that. my hands are clean. i did not write that scene. >> no pun intended. >> well, urine is sterile. >> i think yours is. >> i was checking off a list of extracurriculars, and that was
9:34 am
part of the debate. i went, no one should throw urine at you. >> speaking of which, you've got a one-year-old son. i'm assuming you've been sprayed once or twice. >> i have been sprayed once or twice. >> wow, i did not hear that coming. i've got two girls. >> you don't have the spray. >> i don't understand the dynamic. >> well, they have something -- let's just talk about it. they have like a little cover. >> the teepee. >> mine would always fall off. it was more trouble than it's worth. i've been sprayed so many times. >> doesn't bother you. it's a warm hug. >> atmosphere warm hug. >> wow. i've had a warm hug. that's not a warm hug. >> do we have another video? >> we do. >> i don't think she's seen this. >> this isn't about what we're talking about. tituss. >> i heard you're going to be on the "today" show again on thursday. well, i'll be right outside the door ready to take you to lunch. that lunch that you keep
9:35 am
canceling over and over again. >> why do you keep canceling lunch. >> talk about hands are clean. you cancel. you don't want to do anything with me. >> where is he? >> he's not here. >> talk a big game about doing stuff with each other, we never do it. he's the best friendship i have because we never have to follow through. >> that sounds very familiar. yeah, let's go out and have drinks. sheinelle and i never follow through. >> all love. >> all love. >> you have to do it spontaneously. that's why we ended up having dinner. >> they had dinner last night. ellie will be back next week to co-host with us. "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" streaming on netflix. up next a place kids with introducing new dunkin' donuts cold brew coffee packs. delicious craft coffee, as easy as 1, 2, 3.
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♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... millions of kids go to camp every summer but for kids dealing with cancer, chemo schedules, around the clock care can make it tough for them to get away. >> one camp has been helping kids with cancer more than 20 years. >> run by university of texas md
9:40 am
anderson children's cancer hospital and it's a place where teens can relax, have fun, and have an awesome summer. just an hour outside of houston, texas, you'll find camp a-okay. it caters to teens treated by md anderson's cancer hospital. >> our mission is to provide opportunity for them to be kids. we often have lots of campers in active treatment so we're able to administer all the chemotherapies and get back out and enjoy activity as soon as they can. >> that medical care is a relief to melissa whose 16-year-old daughter casey diagnosed with brain tumor two years ago. >> for us such a blessing. it sort of involved all the things she thought she would have to sacrifice because of surgery an chemo and she would be well cared for. >> halfway through her 52-week chemo schedule she can have a bit of fun without worry. >> tell me a little what you
9:41 am
like about this camp. >> i like it because it's every day. i have chemo and it horse back riding i really love. it makes you feel like you're not going through it alone. someone else understands it. >> what else is great, we open it up for our patients and siblings. we recognize the cancer experience is just as impactful on brothers and sisters of brothers and sisters going through the treatment. >> sisters like 16-year-old twins. >> does that make you feel stronger to have her by your side? >> yes. >> without her i don't think i'd be the person i am today. you see different kids, different things, you know you're not the only one. you see everybody else, they can push through it. it helps me to have courage and stuff. >> a-okay wants to help campers with milestones that may have missed due to treatment like putting on a special prom night. >> i heard there was a dance.
9:42 am
>> i was dancing last time. >> this is 16-year-old christian's first year at camp having just been diagnosed with testicular cancer in june. >> he didn't understand what cancer was. he just thought, okay, they could just do the surgery mom and take it away. he saw the doctors. he realized it's doing to be more than just removing it. >> so this the first time and now you're here enjoying your self? >> yeah. >> does it feel like a good break? >> right now i'm not really worried about it, thinking about i actually have cancer. i'm thinking about doing something active, get outside. >> have fun. >> yeah. >> for logan staying active and being positive has been the trick dealing with osteosarcoma. >> my dad was like yes and i started crying a little bit. >> what have you learned about
9:43 am
her, watching her resilience to fight this. >> she's very selfless, never asked why me. she has good days and bad, as you can imagine going through chemo. she's strong. >> i was super glad to have my doctors i already know. they are fun to talk to, too. they make a bad situation not quite as bad at all. >> we're able to get blood drawn and medications given, things that wouldn't be at a typical camp. >> a couple of other girls have the exact same thing i do. it's cool we can talk about our different experiences. >> kids presurgical that don't know what to expect, she talks to them, tells them not to worry about things. >> she isn't going to let cancer beat her. >> no. it really hasn't slowed her down. >> i know. the best part is this camp is completely free thanks to donations. if you want to know and have more information how to donate
9:44 am
go to md anderson children cancer hospital. go to >> there's so many great camps and things like this around the country and i'm so happy you were able to shine a light on them. >> i was happy to be with those kids. it was a blessing. >> your weather for the weekend, for tomorrow a wet start to the week, airport delays along eastern seaboard. western third of the country looking good. saturday the rain comes to an end in the east. but although we will still see wet weather along southeastern and atlantic coast, oppressive down through the gulf. sunday -- sunday! -- sunny and warm in the middle east, atlantic states, afternoon storms through the gulf. plenty of sunshine again continuing in the westernhird t good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. grab your sunglasses, going to see a lot of sunshine today. a warm august day. 88 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia and into the 80s with lots of sunshine for the suburbs and new jersey. at the shore, in the very low 80s with a nice sea breeze blowing.
9:45 am
plenty of sunshine and a moderate rip current risk today. clouds are breaking in lehigh valley, warming to 86 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for delaware, a slight chance for a late day shower. have a great day. >> and that is ys your latest weather. coming up next oscar, dpramy coming up next oscar, dpramy award turns out things aren't always what you think they are. coming up next oscar, dpramy award take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store, which is the same for everyone. even guinea pigs. it's only fair mr. biscuits. only fair. ♪ carmax music sting
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9:49 am
our next guest won no fewer than three grammies, golden globes and oscar. >> recording artist common up for his work on the song featured in the netflix drama. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was thinking about you listening to some of the music. given things that have been going on most recently, what are your thoughts on all this that's been happening? >> well, i think, obviously, our world and nation is at a challenging time. but i feel like we have a lot of power as people to create a better environment for this world. and it's up to us now at this point. so i'm not lot sitting there focusing on the negative, i'm focusing on the positive at this point. >> you know what, this is the thing, true story. the other night i was listening to the news. even for me i'm in the news business. it can be overwhelming. i was on instagram, strolling
9:50 am
through the feed. people upset, angry, this and that. then i got to yours because i follow you on instagram. it was about love. you wrote about light shining through dark. you know what, i'm going to stop scrolling. it made me feel better. i turned off my phone and wept to sleep. i ended my evening on a positive note. it was because of you, you pushed stluthrough a positive message. >> out of darkness can come light. through these challenging times, all these things coming to the surface are things we need to address. a healing process you have to let pain and things deeply rooted coming to the surface. how do we deal with that? we deal with that with love and action. i'm not only grateful to be making a song as an artist but i want to be active in the things i do in life and be part of the change. put my body and mind and soul into the work of changing and improving people's lives.
9:51 am
i see more and more people activated to do that. now it's just identifying those things where we can change things. >> congratulations on the emmy nomination for this. what was it like finding out. you've gotten a grammy, you've gotten an oscar. if you get the emmy, you're a third of the way to the egot. >> i would say i was very honored and grateful. joyous when i relied wherp nominated for "letter to the free." i want that. the biggest joy is the fact i get nominated for music and art really contributing to the culture. and it opens up the platform for me to do more. with the oscar nomination i feel more responsibility to do more. with the emmy nomination i feel the same. i want to have that egot. it will be ego if i got the
9:52 am
emmy. i want the egot, it would be a blessing. >> do you have something planned for broadway? >> at some point i want to write and act on broadway. >> i'm interested, what's on your play list. >> kendrick lamar, john coltrane. >> is it always cool? you're like cool and swag. >> it gets me charged up. when i want to get charged up, i listen to '90s hip-hop, wu-tang clan. i like jazz. i'm a jazz fan. >> you do so things well. one thing a little intimidated on the basketball court. >> i'm not intimidated. i'm a great basketball player. >> they say you're intimidated playing celebrity basketball. >> let me say this. i haven't played my best games in basketball. you thought that was an nba player. >> shocked. >> this is my chicago swag coming out. i have to be a proud basketball
9:53 am
player. my pops laid in the aba. >> that's so cool. >> good stuff. >> common, congratulations on all the success. you've got a film project coming up. it's so terrific. we'll be back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. >> where is that picture again? every year south jersey sends more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
9:54 am
9:55 am
look who we've got with hoda. is keir simmons. >> did we figure out the couscous thing? >> he would never try it. he made his own version which we tried this morning. >> i saw al backing away from the couscous. >> did you coordinate on purpose, the turquoise. >> prom. >> it's
9:56 am
good morning, i am vai sikahema. it is about 10:00 a.m. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. warming up? >> yes, nicely, almost up to 80 degrees for philadelphia and delaware and into the middle 70s now in lehigh valley. look at the sunshine over the east. few scattered fair weather clouds, showers out of the picture today. that changes tomorrow. 84 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. with sunny skies, up to 88 in philadelphia, 86 for the suburbs.
9:57 am
for new jersey, lehigh valley and delaware. thank you. let's check the roads with nbc10 first alert traffic reporter pamela osborne. >> a slow go out there. we start at 95 and gerard. you can see out of the frame of camera there's a construction crew doing some work, it is causing slow downs in the southbound lanes. average speeds in the 30s right now. also delaware memorial bridge, there's construction taking place there, slowing things down in the westbound lane. before i let you go, patco running on emergency schedule. expect delays there. the man accused in the road rage case that made national headlines was in court in westchester a short time ago. he waived preliminary hearing. his lawyer says the case will move to court of common pleas. he was charged in the death of 18-year-old beand ka roberson. prosecutors say he opened fire as they drove back in june. we have more details on what
9:58 am
happened in court coming up on nbc10 news at 11:00. i am vai sikahema. another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather on the nbc10 app. back to the "today" show. see you at the bottom of the hour. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
9:59 am
when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh.
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wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why! >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. thirsty thursday, august 17th. kathie lee is taking some time off. this handsome hunk of man. >> come on, now. >> spending it with us. as kath said yesterday doing the 9:00 and wroithout looking up goes, "you're handsome." anyway, coming up -- >> [ laughter ] how do you reply to that. i want to say happy birthday kathie lee. i hope she's having a great day. >> she's enjoying herself. that song


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